I first started this blog for a course, Social Media & Digital Analytics, during my final semester at St. Edward’s University. My time studying in Austin provided me with tips, stories, and advice to pass along to incoming freshman and the other new faces that move to my wonderful city. That all being said, my posts are directed towards young Austinites. These will include advice for ways to budget and news regarding Digital Media.

More recently, I have moved to the next chapter of my story: working full time in Houston. My position is focused on marketing efforts for a fortune 500 insurance broker and has me writing and creating many client deliverables. Some of these are directed towards health and wellness, which is useful to many. As of Spring 2015, these short posts will be added to account this new exposure and my evolving interests.

I encourage you to come along for the ride and subscribe to my blog. Also, be sure to check out my blog’s Facebook!

About Me


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    • simplymeret says:

      Thank you, Lon! I am so glad my professor, Greg Perry, used your book in his course. It is a great read!

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