Fool-Proof Plan to Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions List2015 is here, and with it, your ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. Time and time again people allow their resolutions to take the back seat to their everyday tasks, doing away with them in as long as 2 weeks! Do this year differently by rethinking… everything.

¡ Why New Year’s Resolutions Never Work !

Peter Bregman states that discipline, willpower, and self-control are not traits we can rely on –which is why it is so difficult to keep with your resolutions in the first place. He describes self-control as a muscle that weakens as the day goes by. You can see this as you start your diet strong in the morning, and by the end of the day you can no longer fight the urge to eat an entire bag of popcorn!

Left to your own behavior, you will do the things that your environment dictates. That is why you must change your environment to overcome these weaknesses, and support your long term goals. So rethink relying on your strong will and discipline to accomplish your goals and instead position yourself in an environment that encourages it on its own. Ways to do this are below.

¡ First Thing First !

There are many aspects to your environment, but most important to accomplishing your goals is time management. You can improve your time management skills by changing the way you think about time, and hardest of all, changing your habits. Consider how you organize your environment and direct your energy. Do you think you need to regain control?  You can do this by identifying your priorities and putting them into perspective. Next, you must get focused, which is achieved by setting and managing realistic priorities.

Simply Meret 6 Box To Do list

¡ 6 Box To-Do List !

I recently watched a webinar with Irene Rosenfield of Kraft and Jeffrey Immelt. Their rule of thumb is to focus on what matters most, and spend your there.  One method to do this is the 6 Box To-Do List, which requires you to think larger than a silly New Year’s Resolution. After identifying 5 goals to work toward the entire year, each one compromising one ‘box’, you set up a sixth box for miscellaneous tasks. Any task you find yourself doing throughout the entire year must fit into one of these boxes. This shapes your everyday to-do list to coincide with your original 5 goals, moving you a little bit closer to accomplishing them! This is what changing your environment looks like.

At the beginning, you will notice that many, if not most, of your tasks fit into the sixth box. It can be difficult to weigh them equally, but even more difficult is this method’s overall goal. To rearrange your to-do list so much, that only 5% of your tasks fit in this sixth box. By prioritizing your New Year’s resolutions every day, you CAN achieve them. And you WILL!

¡ Happy New Years !

I wish you the best of luck and happiness in 2015, and hope 2014 was good to you. What are your resolutions for the New Year? Do you plan on trying the 6 Box To-Do List, or another method if any?


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