How to Combat Procrastination


So I thought the whole procrastination thing was a high school thing, then a college thing, and then even a senior thing (senioritis). Regretfully, I am here to tell you that it never really ends… Even in the professional world, procrastination lingers.

At Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., I have had the opportunity to listen to respected professionals in weekly webinars. I’ve learned so much over the past three months here, and today I want to share some tips on procrastination. Below are 2 excuses we chose to procrastinate, and how you can conquer it. Other reasons include: you’re waiting for the right moment or you fear failure.

♤ You Don’t Like The Task

If you find this to be your reason, you should consider setting up a reward for completing, or even making headway, in the project.

Another way to overcome this type of procrastination is by seeking an accountability partner. We hate to disappoint.

Still procrastinating?? Write down the consequences for putting off this task, you will eventually feel so bad you will talk yourself into doing it. If you put it off for an hour, you stay at the office late, you miss your favorite TV show, you eat dinner late, you go to bed late, you feel worse tomorrow with less sleep. You get the idea!

♡ The Task is Overwhelming

You’re thinking you only have one hour, you won’t be able to get it done now, but that is because you’re looking at it in a macro perspective. Try breaking it down into smaller tasks, and assign deadlines to these. You will feel more accomplished in the short term, and will be able to tackle the large task in good time.

The most difficult step to take is the first. So set a 10 minute timer on your phone, and work on it for only 10 minutes! Sure it won’t be done in that amount of time, but you have made moves in the right direction. Stats show that 7 out of 10 times, you will actually keep working on it.

Get to Work!




2 thoughts on “How to Combat Procrastination

  1. stevetheman18 says:

    That’s a great post! I used to procrastinate a lot but now I do better. You’ve got a very interesting blog so I’m going to follow you!

    If you mind looking at my blog, that would be amazing!


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