Love Notes to Someone I’m Close* To

My heart races when you walk through the door, captivating my thoughts from 6 pm to 6 am. As you come home from work, my time spent alone is no longer just mine. Prancing from one side of the apartment to another, you never seem to make up your mind and rest. It seems I have enough time to rest for the both of us! However, with you in my life, I will never be able to rest enough for just myself.

As nighttime creeps up, you remain unfazed. Therefore, I too am unaffected as I must follow your routine day in and day out.

Even before the sun rises, you are up! Sadly, I am unable to sleep when you are awake, so my morning begins wondering what it is you are doing in your apartment. You walk from the closet, to the bathroom sink, to the closet, and return yet again to the sink. Is it 3 or 4 outfits you try on? It is no matter, as walking in circles is your passion, and I get that.

The thing is, I am not stalking you on my own accord. It is just that you stomp around so much no matter the hour giving no respect to anyone in your own merry world. I am your neighbor downstairs. If you would like to have the peace of mind that a stranger doesn’t know your routine, then walk softer, have a heart. Thank you.

*in proximity


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