What Your Choice In Alcohol Says About You

My girl, Iva Whitman, got this topic spot on, and it’s a fun read! She identifies who orders Blue Moon in a cold glass, also the one who takes the Dirty Martini with the Well Vodka, and many more funny stereotypes. Check out what she has to say about your drink, here.

Here’s some of my own stereotypes, feel free to comment with yours!

1. House Wine

They would like to be seen as classy, but don’t know enough about wines to know what to order. They believe there are two types of wine. Red and White.

2. Shots of Fireball

You want to be a man who drinks manly whiskey, but like miss vodka cranberry, you have yet to be able to handle the shot without ample amounts of sugar. If you like the cinnamon so much, order whiskey and chase with the Hot Tamales you keep in your purse 😉


3. Cranberita, Razberita, or just any other Beer-rita

What do you get when you mix a cheap margarita and an even cheaper beer? This concoction. I’m going to take one of your lines, and say I can’t even. There are times when this drink is acceptable: when you’re on a body of water and a real margarita with a beer dunked in is unattainable.

What it is

What it isn’t











4. Bloody Mary

It took me until recently to understand this drink, but now I understand ya. This drink works magic the day after! If you see anyone with this drink, give them a nod.



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