4 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Phone

When you think of Spring Cleaning, you think of going through your closet, reorganizing your desk, throwing out old makeup, and revamping your surroundings. But I bet you’ve overlooked the most impactful thing of all! You should also give your cellphone some attention.

|1 Delete Unnecessary Apps



You know why the apps shake when you hold them down? They are nervous you’re going to delete them! & They should be. Here are three reasons why deleting unused apps should be on your Spring Cleaning list:

– It will make your phone’s battery life last longer.

– Free up space for more photos

– As well as space for other apps to be downloaded.

|2 Force Close


Courtesy of Cult of Mac

Forgetting to close out of apps leaves them running in the background. This multi-tasking feature is great, don’t get me wrong, but you should be sure to periodically close them out to save your phones battery life.

| 3 Re-Org

One more thing to do is to take the apps that made the cut and organize them. There are so many different ways to do this, so let me humor you with a few:

– Alphabetical Order- either in folders of the letter, or simply alphabetical on your home-screen

– By Color- If you are really O.C.D.

– By Purpose- again, either in folders of titles such as “Navigation” or “Photo Editing”, or simply on your home-screen near each other

– Those that are Most Used- so that they will be conveniently easy to access.

– By those that are Recently Downloaded- so you can use them right away and decide if they are worth keeping

| 4 Update & Download


Besides doing away with the old, you also need to bring in the new this Spring! Go to the app-store and update the apps. While you’re there, you might as well do some shopping and be on the look-out for apps you might wish to add to your collection. Thanks to Step 1, you’ve got the memory to download them!


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