SXSW Parties 2014

Fun. at Waterloo's Lot

Fun. at Waterloo’s Lot

Its spring again and I know I am not the only one jumping from website to website searching for bands that sound familiar and the coolest parties to RSVP to. & with that I give you what I have found to be the best advice on the internet for events to RSVP to! Take a look!

[Note: if you are a first time SXSW-er, I advise you to make an email account, say (yourname), to send all your RSVP’s to as to not clutter your main email’s inbox]

What my friends and I have gathered ourselves include, in no special order:

  • Cricket Wireless’s Experience is at the ‘big glass cube dressed in green’. PLEASE let me know if you understand that… also  headliners soon to be announced. RSVP with a tweet. Try earning your way to the front row by following @Cricketnation, checking in on Foursquare, and tweeting with #cricketmuves
  • Secret SXSW music event with details to be released 1 week before… but expect special guests.
  • Sonicbids is a party not to be missed. It’s at Maggie Mae’s and offers you free food & drinks on March 14th. My favoring Miniature Tigers are playing, so you’ll see me there.
  • Dutch Impact Party & Filter Magazine present acts straight off the plane from the Netherlands at bar96 Wednesday! Also, might have free food & drinks.
  • At the Belmont, RedBull Sound Select is having a show for four days.
  • SXSW Pandora’s Den comes every year, always has a long line, and is not one to be missed.
  • & more awesome shows are at my fellow wordpress-er’s blog found here. Definitely take a look at his post.

And before I go, here are some things that are not necessarily part of the ‘music’ scene of SXSW, but interactive/film as well. One is the 2nd Annual Food Crawl that encourages a lot of eating at the best eats in Austin. Another is IFC Fairgrounds, which is described as “part carnival, part county fair, and as always – ‘Slightly Off’ “. This is from March 12-14th and will also feature artists and maybe even the cast from Portlandia! Also, please note that there are some events that don’t even require a RSVP. Waterloo’s Lot, Urban Outfitters, and Butler Park (replacing Auditorium Shores this year).

Taken that this is not a complete list, I would love to hear what events you’ve found! Let me know in the comments below and let’s help each other make this SXSW be the best yet for all of us!

Peace n Love


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