Happy Hour @ Chuy’s

When it comes to leaving home for college, realizing you’re parents aren’t there to pick up the bill or even cook you a nice meal can be startling to some, like me. I have made more meals of mac & cheese or just plain cereal than I care to admit, and after four years of being a full-time student with a small allowance every month, I have found the secret to making the cash stretch fashionably. That being said, I will make it a priority every week to let you in on my secrets around Austin. Today’s big find, Happy Hour at Chuy’s!

Chuy's Barton Springs

Photo courtesy of The Austinot.

/Where to Sit

You might be inclined to see the host so that you can sit with the families and such. Keyword there, families. You are not with yours, you might be with friends, but those friends don’t even have the wallet or time to spend in the dining rooms. Instead, opt for the bar area or an open seating section. In this area you are left to your own devices to get chips, salsa, and free queso. Yes you heard that right. FREE QUESO. Chuy’s has this in their classic Cadaillac’s hood for grabs during happy hour monday through friday.

Chips and Queso

 Photo courtesy of Food Fresh.

/What to Order

Now that you have an endless supply of chips and dip, it’s time to move your focus to the main course. One thing to mention is that sitting in the cocktail area only offers you the opportunity to order off the appetizer menu. Not to worry! What my sister and I typically do is order the appetizer plate shown below and split everything down the middle. That’s 4 quesadillas, 4 flautas, and 4 nachos, not to mention more queso! I know from experience that this platter is typically about $10. I’m not even sure if a fast-food combo could be less than $5 a person!

Chuy's Appetizer Menu

Photo courtesy of Chuy’s.

Try Chuy’s out, you won’t be disappointed! I am sure there is one, if not two, near you as they are no longer an Austin hole-in-the-wall TexMex spot, and I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below.


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